As the world's largest student-youth run organization in the world, AIESEC is the platform for students to engage with real world issues, and take a step forward in creating positive change in their world. AIESEC San Jose is connected to a network of 86,000 of the world's brightest, young change agents. One way of reaching towards our mission of "Fulfillment of Humankind potential," we administer international exchanges through internships and volunteer opportunities for students in 113 countries. These opportunities are not merely for professional development, but students gain an unique cultural experience through the interaction of local AIESEC members, citizens, and other international interns.
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This project is a combination of a language and educational project that develops multicultural learning for low-income children of ages 8-16 years old.  Another twist of this project is that you will work on a project having to do with elders.  In this developmental program, you are creating impact on two groups of populations that will leave you touching that many people’s lives. 

Field of Work: Development/Tourism/Cultural Awareness
Location: Tolima
Duration: 6-8 weeks
Language Requirement: English
Accommodation: Housing is provided in the AIESEC member house or by a family host.
Food: At least two meals per day provided.

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